Introducing Raw Materials Design:

Humble and Hard-working.

Simple, hand-made goods for you and your home.

In 2008, what started as an an 'Ah-ha'! moment, combined with a knack for making something out of nothing, Raw Materials Design tip-toed down the new-business path with a simple idea for a stylish yet sturdy grocery tote. Thanks to my friend Nancy, that cobbled-together prototype became my first product.

As always - one idea lead to the next and now (thanks again to Nancy!), the line has grown to include aprons, table linens, and organizing totes. Each product is hand crafted from heavy-duty cotton and designed to be a tough-as-nails, everyday workhorse that will last for years without special attention, care, or coddling. Simple, practical, and functional, they're meant to be used - well used.

Outsourcing is out. Integrity is in.

The beauty of simple, raw and unrefined materials dances through my own home, in many that I've have designed, and in my line of home goods.

That same, "I can handle anything" bravado goes for those who help me to produce my products. Raw Materials Design is a labor of love for me, turns out, those who help me to get it out the door love it too. Nancy still handles most of the sewing (after she finishes her school bus route!) But thankfully I have a few others who step in when needed. (Read between the lines: we're small!)

I'm committed to keeping Raw Materials products made in the USA. My commitment may not make me rich, but I am in so many other ways.

Please Contact me with questions about any of my products. To purchase, just click on the button to the right of each product to order securely using PayPal. If you haven't already established a PayPal account, you'll be prompted to set one up.

What's for Dinner?

With the day behind you it's time to slip on your classic Chef's Apron, pour a glass of something good and whip up a family favorite. Made from heavyweight 12oz. fabric, combined with classic top-stitch construction and naturally fraying edges, this generously sized 40 x 34 inch apron with extra-long heavy cotton twill ties will wrap you in style. In Red or Navy Blue top-stitching.

Chef's Apron: $49.95

Color: Choose one


Coming soon…a serged-edge Chef’s Apron!

Julia Wore One...

and what a classic she was! Our French Waiter's Apron was designed to be a little longer and bit more generous than most. At 37 x 32 inches, our durable, signature fabric and top-stitching detail, along with extra long cotton twill ties and hanging loop, will cover you up and let you to 'master the art' whether you're uptown or down-home. In Red or Navy Blue top-stitching.

Waiter's Apron: $44.95

Color: Choose one

Ring the Dinner Bell!

Lip-smacking and finger-licking are the unsaid compliments any home cook loves to hear. A set of 4 over-sized 20x20 inch cloth napkins, combined with our rustic placemats sets a casual table, yet inspires your brood to practice their manners. Made from our signature sturdy fabric combined with it’s naturally fraying edges, these napkins will grace your table day in and out. In Red or Navy Blue top-stitching.

Napkins: $39.95, set of 4

Color: Choose one


Gather your family around a table set with our generous 15-inch square placemats. We double up the fabric and add our rugged top-stitching so you can round up these placemats day after day. The naturally frayed edges get softer with each washing-no ironing allowed! In Red or Navy Blue top-stitching.

Placemats: $39.95, set of 4

Color: Choose one

Coming soon…traditionally-sized placemats!

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere!

These 4-1/2" square, naturally frayed edges drink coasters will show up for cocktail hour any evening. Thirsty, reversible and machine-washable, these coasters with their sturdy construction and cute top-stitching are made to last. Set of four in Red or Navy Blue top-stitching.

Drink Coasters: $13.95, set of 4

Color: Choose one


The Kitchen Workhorse

Drying the dishes could become a labor of love with these stylish yet rustic dishcloths. A kitchen staple, these will be your go-to kitchen towels, sun-up to sundown. Thirsty, nubby 20x28 inch fabric with twill tape loop for hanging, these towels get softer and more absorbent wash and after wash. In Red or Navy Blue top-stitching.

Classic Dishtowel: $11.95 each

Color: Choose one


Classic Dishtowel: $21.95 set of 2

Color: Choose one


The 'A-#1' Tote...

Our original product replaces "paper or plastic". This sturdy, washable, 100% cotton bag quickly became a favorite for groceries, beach trips and picnics. At 16x13x6 inches, it's heavy-duty cotton webbing handles wrap around the bag for extra strength. An inside pocket holds your keys and cell phone. In Red or Navy Blue.

A-#1 Tote: $38.95

Color: Choose one


One Tough Customer

Based on the original 'A-#1' Tote, this rugged catch-all has reinforced heavy cotton web bottom straps and handles that really handle the weight. Fold down the sides for extra sturdy support. Made of 100% cotton, these 13x13x10 inch organizers will be your go-to favorites for magazines, books, toys, clothes, shoes, garden tools or whatever needs to be corralled.

Organizing Tote: $34.95

Color: Choose one


It's the Little Things...

Designed for a friend with a new grandbaby, this tote originally hung by the changing table for diapers. The heavy-weight cotton handles keep it working hard but the sturdy cotton twill tape hanger loop makes it so versatile. It's a favorite for toys (dog and kid!) Hang one by your door for hats and mittens, use one in your bath for extra TP, guest towels or hair dryer.

Round Organizing Tote: $22.95

Color: Choose one


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