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Are you an organizing container freak? Sometimes it seems like there are just too many options!

At one point I had to organize all my organizing things. That's nuts!

This got me to thinking and I realized it wasn't that I needed the next cool container, what I needed was a system. One that would work in every room, closet and cupboard in my home.

My solution had to work long term, and it had to be inexpensive

My criteria? It HAD to look great and, of course, it had to be functional. The containers had to fit close together as space is at a premium, my solution had to work long term, and it had to be inexpensive.

My solution? Three to five container options that work throughout the spaces and a simple color palette. Here are my favorites;

• Galvanized bins (

• Canvas bins in Natural (

• Magazine holders (

• Clear trays (

• Letter boxes (

Select containers that stores keep in stock, keep your selections basic and in classic colors and buy a few extras of each to save for future use. There will always be something to organize but if you stick with your system, you'll have things put away in no time.

This article originally appeared in Lifestyle Insights on December 27, 2009

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