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My Cupboards are Messy, too!

I must confess - I have some out-of-control drawers.

I'm spilling the beans and revealing the truth. I have kitchen cupboards that dispense food storage containers on a whim and a garage that's such a mess, I'm seriously considering covering the windows to hide the disaster that lurks within.

My dirty little secret has been tugging at my conscience since I wrote my first blog entry for this site. However, I do think I have a good excuse. In my defense, real life got in the way.

In June my daughter graduated from high school and my parents showed up three days early! A week later, college orientation, out-of-state of course. Followed by our daughter's 18th birthday, followed by a drive to take her to camp, and a drive to pick her up. Days later, a family wedding, out-of-state of course.

Real life happens to all of us. Please, give yourself a break.

Home again, a beach trip, followed by days of packing for college, followed by a party or two to celebrate the college freshman. A drive to take her to school followed by the realization that she was actually staying there. Followed by the sad drive home. I rallied however, went on our annual Labor Day rodeo weekend trip and ... Need I continue?

I bet you've figured out what really happened and I hope you're on my side. I am guilty as charged.

But fortunately my sentence is a light one - a fall full of organizing projects. The point is, real life happens to all of us. Please, give yourself a break. Real life is important. It's where the laughs happen and the memories are made.

A little disorganization never hurt anyone, but regrets, have a way of lingering.

This article originally appeared in Lifestyle Insights on November 2, 2009

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