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The Basics are Always the Classics

This has long been my mantra. What basic yet classic items come to mind?

How about the 'little black dress'? A Martini is a classic as is a no-fail recipe for white sauce. White, simply-styled dinnerware, clear glassware and simple, stainless flatware will always be classic. The wooden spoon, a balloon whisk and a mortar and pestle are kitchen essentials and basic, classics too. A beautiful, simple milk pitcher will always serve you well and doesn't magic happen with a bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil, a jar of sea salt, a bottle of Balsamic vinegar and a garlic press?

One of the 10 Insights for 2010 is titled Everything New is Old Again. Nothing could be more true.

You will never go wrong if you stick to what's tried and true.

Why are some of our favorite old things classics? It's simple - because they work and they NEVER go out of style.

Along with the classic items listed above here are a few more of my favorites;

• Buying a wedding gift? Go for something in clear glass or white. A cake stand is a good choice as is a set of simply styled mixing bowls or a beautiful set of monogrammed linen napkins.

• A sofa? Stick with a solid color in a durable, comfortable fabric with simple styling and uncomplicated details. Unnbleached cotton canvas combined with painters drop cloth slipcovers stand the test of time.

• White sheets and towels.

• Black pumps with a medium heel.

• A wrap style raincoat in a basic color.

From creating a special dish for your family or going out for a night on the town, you will never go wrong if you stick to what's tried and true. Your unique, signature style combined with the best of the basics will undoubtedly make a classic and memorable impression.

This article originally appeared in Lifestyle Insights on April 8, 2010

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